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North Tropic Recording Studio is a music recording studio situated in the Heart of Solhem, in Stockholm, Sweden; run by Andrés Duque Catalán.

We offer professional recording, mixing, mastering, editing and sound design in a creative  and relaxed environment,

In the Studio we work with a mix of modern and classic vintage equipment to create the music and sounds that we love!

Do you need original music for your latest project?

We compose and arrange music in a variety of genres (pop/rock/blues/singer-songwriter/alternative/latin/jazz/classic/film music etc) you name it!

Our network of talented musicians let us create music and sounds that are both unique and beautiful.

We can help you produce and record your latest song or just mix and master it if you have already recorded it elsewhere,

We also write music and do sound design for film projects and radio.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about what we can do for You.

In the Heart of Solhem

Situated 15 minutes walk from Spånga Station, and 12 minutes in the commuter train from T-Centralen.

Hi-Spec Recording Studio in the Heart of Solhem

providing production and post-production services.

Come on and sing a song!

In the Vocal Booth

or try our beautiful bunch of instruments!

Nina Dahlberg since july 2018

Song: Nobody Else

Artists: North Tropic & Nina Dahlberg

Status: on stores




Jenna Fiore since november 2018





Adrian Rivas since july 2018