In the Heart of Solhem

Situated 15 minutes walk from SpÄnga Station, and 12 minutes in the commuter train from T-Centralen.

Hi-Spec Recording Studio in the Heart of Solhem

providing production and post-production services.

Sound is Passion

In North Tropic Recording Studio we love the pure sounds of the World. We respect all the Cultures and try to learn of each other.


North Tropic Recording Studio is a composing & arranging, recording, production, mixing & mastering and editing studio, for professionals, recording labels and aspiring artist.

Our control room houses an Yamaha TF 3 console, a host of killer analog and digital outboard gears, Logic Pro X, Cubase 5, VSL,  Genelec monitors, acoustic panels and a lot of good vibrations!

We are mastering in Izotope's Ozone 7 with FabFilter EQ's, software that leads a solution for audio mastering, editing & batch processing,

Our bunch of amazing instruments is including vintage keyboards like Kurzweil K2500XS, Korg T3, Korg X50, Roland A-88 among others.

The string section is about 6-strings Bass from Woodoo guitars and 5-strings Ibanes, a diverse group of guitars like steel, nylon, classic, flamenco, arch top, solid, bouzouki and more, powered by Vox and Peavy amplifiers.

A Hartke LH500 bass amplifier with a transient attack cabin fills the low frequencies range.

We have a Pearl export Drum Set, with little small percussion instruments.