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Nina Dahlberg

Since july 2018

Jenna Fiore

Since november 2018

Adrian Rivas

Since june 2018



Nina Dahlberg started to sing when she was 13 years old.

In early 2018 she started writing songs.

In April of 2018 she signed a contract with North Tropic Studios and started working with Andrés Duque Catalán and has since then released their first song ”Nobody Else” which has been played around the world.

At the moment Nina and Andrés are working on several projects, such as  "It´s a Random situation", "Those Days" among others. 

Songs: "Nobody Else", "Have No Regrets", "I Made it Again", "Together".

Artists: North Tropic & Nina Dahlberg

Status: on stores


Jenna Fiore started to dance when she was three years old. She has danced in the best dance schools in Sweden. She has performed on several big stages around the country, among others  The Stockholm Opera. 

2012 she signed her first music contract with Ultraset Records, Miami, and traveled between Stockholm and Miami on regular basis. 

2015 her first lyric video came out ”Amore Mio”produced by Antonio Valand and Adriel Valentino. "Amore Mio" has been played around the world. 

2016 her career began to grow and she started to work with Furia Productions, thanks to that she performed as a model on the YouTube hit “Dame Más” with Adrian Rivas. 

2017 she signed a new record deal with Disco Planet Records in Italy, which resulted in three  new songs, “Olé”, “Chica Sexy” and “SummerHeat”. 

In early 2018 Jenna reunited with Antonio Valand and created the song "Prohibido", a music video will be released in early 2019

Today Jenna Fiore has signed a new record deal with North Tropic Studio and has restarted to work with the latin star Adrian Rivas, singer and producer.  They are now working on several projects together such as “Dame una Señal”, “Heartbeat” among others.

Song: "Prohibido"

Artists: Jenna Fiore & Antonio Valand

Status: on stores


Adrian was born in Chile. He was only 16 years when he started his professional career as an artist and singer. 

2000 he joined a latin band called FURIA LATINA as a lead singer. Adrian toured with Furia Latina all over Chile and played in big festivals.

2001 he started a new musical project and was invited to record his second album in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He even took the opportunity to tour Uruguay and Paraguay. Adrian was recorded under Caribe Records and was distributed by Sony Music Latin.

April 2002 Adrian received two GOLD ALBUMS.

2005 Adrian moved to Sweden and started to work with music on another level, 

2006 he joined a band in Sweden called LATIN POWER who played Latin tropical music and with them he toured around Sweden.

2011 he joined a band called FAMA 5 and they became popular very fast. They toured in several countries in Europe, for example Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain etcetera.

2014 he went to MIAMI, USA

Warner Chappell Production Music Latin USA signed him for several songs as songwriter and singer.

Adrian is now recording his first single as a solo artist and plans to release a debut album. His music is Latin dance with flavor of Electro Mambo and house.

Song: "Dembow"

Artists:  Adrian Rivas & Jenna Fiore 

Status: on stores