Here can you see what we can do for your needs.


You can give us a simple melody and we can convert it in a whole piece for symphonic orchestra or any kind of ensemble you prefer. All styles.

Song writing

Let us guide you in the creation or perfect your latest project.


If you want to produce Ads for TV or Radio, think that we offer a huge range of Sound Effects to suit your ad and making music specifically suited with your campaign.


Studio Hire

You can hire the studio for hours,days or weeks into affordable prices



We understand the creative needs of each artist. We can advise you

on performance, sound choices, microphone selection, recording techniques, editing and mixing. We have the skill, experience and technical knowledge required to take your creations to the highest level

Mixing & Mastering

Everything starts with a great performance. To capture this you need the right setting, an experienced engineer and the best equipment available, modern and vintage.

Voice Overs:

For the best quality recordings using the latest in digital recording and hi-spec mics.

The best way to make a remarkable recording is about four steps:

The recording process

The Editing process

The Mixing process

The Mastering process